Logo & Graphic Design

What is a logo? A logo tells people the name of your business and creates a distinguishable visual for your brand so it can be easily recognized.

Why do I need one? Often times a logo is the first thing somebody notices about a company, and is a primary indicator as to whether or not they want to do business with you. It combines several different elements of your business into one (is your company innovative? creative? silly? serious?), so it is important to have one that encompasses all that your business stands for.

What goes into logo creation? Well, a lot of things. But the most noticeable are: colors, typography, symbols, complexity or simplicity, shapes and lines, aesthetics, uniqueness, research, and much more background work.

Custom Logo Design for Your Business

Using custom screen printed shirts and merchandise is a cost effective and compelling way to advertise your business. Picking the best custom logo is a daunting task, but it will help your business in a prominent way, and it’s a bonus when it looks great displayed on quality clothing.

Looking for a new business logo, or a redesign of a current one?

Curious about what we can do for a custom t-shirt design?​