Embroidery is something that can help you and your business stand out from the rest by creating a professional and clean look. Here, we’ve got 18 industrial embroidery machines ready to go at the drop of a hat…literally. Whether you’re looking to show your school pride with an applique design or looking for a 3D-puff hat logo, we can do it.


A great way to reduce stitches AND cost in your design, while adding a unique twist with fabric instead of stitches. 

3D Puff

Want to add another dimension to your hat designs? Ask us about doing 3D Puff embroidery to make it “stand out” from the rest.


Digitizing is critical to quality custom embroidery.  Our in house digitizers have the skill and experience to produce the type of quality our customers expect. 

Submitted Artwork
Digitized & Embroidered

Union Embroidered Clothing for Your Business

When you need something extraordinary in your workwear or ordinary attire, you will find the universe of customization and personalization is an incredible world to investigate. Regarding customization, you will track down that the world opens up into a substantially closer to home insight.

Individual’s grin and gesture. You feel much improved, and your disposition mirrors the change. Union Embroidered Clothing baggies are an incredible method to begin your involvement in the attire or pieces of clothing you wear.

Embroidered baggies are an excellent method to get the individual experience you need for your vocation or even your regular daily existence. Loose jeans are very famous today basically because they offer adaptability, just like the style. Each pair will be made only for you, which implies each pair of loose jeans you buy can be yours and yours alone. Nothing is close to home than having redone attire of your own.


Available Apparel